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Do IOPS matter?

I’ve been designing VMware vSphere clusters for the last 10 years know. And with every design, the storage part is one of the most challenging. A improper storage design, results in an poor virtual machine performance. Over the years, storage vendors added all kind of optimizations to their solution, in the form of cache. Almost […]

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Determine your vSphere storage needs – Part 3: Availability, Security and Connectivity

  This is the last part about the mini series: Determine your vSphere storage needs. In this part, we’re going to cover 3 subjects: Availability Security Connectivity Although important, these aren’t the parts where you have many options. Availability When we talk availability in storage solution, where actually talking about high availability. Most (enterprise) storage […]

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Determine your vSphere storage needs – Part2: Performance

Besides capacity, performance is probably one of the most important design factors. IOPS Latency The first step is to determine your performance needs in IOPS. This is probably the hardest part. In order to determine your IOPS needs, you have to know what type of virtual machines or applications, and there corresponding I/O characteristics your going […]

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My VCDX journey

Friday 30 October 2015, 9:30 in the morning. I’m in the middle of a lesson talking about SRM and recovery plans, I see a popup on the top right of my screen: “VCDX Defense Results”. Me to my students: “Sorry, this is not what I normally do. But I have to check this email”. Michael […]

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Determine your vSphere storage needs – Part 1: Capacity

Currently I’m working on a project where I have been asked to determine the storage requirements for a new storage solution. The customer is going to run a VMware vSphere 6 environment in a active-passive twin datacenter setup. As I was gathering the customer requirements I thought to write a blog post how this process […]

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