VMworld 2018 US: My thoughts

It’s has been almost a week since VMworld 2018 US. And I have to say, what a week!

I’ve spoken to so many people. Old friend made some new friend, and spoke to a lot of vendors on the Solution Exchange.

In my opinion, this VMworld was great! Not because of all the new exciting things that were announced. 

But more because most of the announcement where about product upgrades and feature improvements.

I like the fact, VMware is taking his time, to make his product more mature (not that they aren’t mature already, but you get my point).

Let me recap the most important thing, that struck me.

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Powershell: Create 1000 AD test users

Sometimes you need to test something in your lab and you need a 1000 test users.  For this, I created a simple Powershell script. Feel free to use.

Make sure to set the correct variables and that the OU exists!

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VMworld 2018

VMworld world is around the corner, just 1 week left until all the fun kicks off.

This year, I’m honored to get a blogger pass for the best tech event in the world! 
VMworld is a very deverise event, which is fundamental for my role als a VMware architect.

Breakout sessions

Many bloggers have published there top X breakout session list. So here is my top 5:

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VCSA CLI install error: format requires a mapping

While writing a standard vCenter installation procedure for a customer, I was testing the CLI installation of the Platform Service Controller (PSC) for VMware vCenter 6.5.

I really love the CLI installation method, it enables you to perform the same install procedure over and over again. If you want to know how to create a CLI install for the VCSA, I wrote a blog post about this topic a while ago.

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CLI install VMware vCenter server 6.5

Almost on every project I have worked on, I make an kickstart script for installing VMware ESXi. Although at first, it seems a lot of work. Using a kickstart script for installing VMware ESXi has many advantages:

  • Every host is installed consistent.
  • Elimination of human installations errors.
  • Install script can be used as documentation.
  • In case of a re-installation (hardware failure for example), the host is installed quickly.
  • Every IT administrator can perform the installation, you don’t have to be a VMware Expert.
  • I have created kickstart scripts since ESXi version 4.

While reading the VMware vCenter 6.5 installation documentation, I saw the option for a vCenter Server CLI installation or upgrade. Again, performing an unattended installation of vCenter Server has the same advantage as an kickstart for ESXi.

As with everything, the first time, reading, testing, adjusting your script takes time. But it’s while worth it!

First something about the CLI installer.

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