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Novell Sale part 2

The New York Post reports that Novell is about to sell itself in two parts. First to a stratetig buyer then in parts to other companies who are unknown. So what does this mean for us Novell guy’s? I really don’t know. I think SuSE will continue as also IDM and ZENworks. But what for […]

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Novell Data Synchronizer QA

There is a new post on the coolsolutions site from Novell about the most QA about Novell Data Synchronzier. The post is written by Tony Anderson who has been a QA Engineer about 1,5 year. Comman questions are: I can’t connect Is the LDAP server down Is the user connecting in via a wi-fi or […]

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New Novell Certification

Novell has announced some new certifications: Certified Novell Identity Directory Manager Administrator You will learn administration skills such as the following in Course 3109: Novell Identity Manager 4 Administration: Performing traces Checking driver states Managing policies Performing health checks performing basic reporting tasks In Course 3110: Novell Identity Manager 4 : Entitlements, Workflows and Roles […]

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Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack

At Last! Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack v1 is out! This is the moment we all have been waiting for. Now we finally have a new supported method of synchronizing our mobile devices with Groupwise. Even the new Nokia’s and of course the Apple Iphone! Best of all, it’s free to GroupWise 8, Novell Teaming, […]

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Recreation of SSL certificates script for OES1 and OES2

I’ve posted a couple of time but on Coolsolution from Novell there is a post about a script who can recreate all the SSL certificates on the right place for your OES1 and OES2 server. As of Augustus 12 there is a new version out by jmeldrum. Fixes and Enhancements: Version 1.1 The script will […]

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