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New Community reward: Nutanix NTC

Yesterday Angelo Luciani @AngeloLuciani announced the 2016 Nutanix Tech Champions (#NutanixNTC), and I’m please to say that: “I made it”. The list has grown since 2015. But that’s was expected as Nutanix continues there success story with the #Acropolis Hypervisor and #Webscale solution. For you who don’t know what Nutanix NTC stands for a quote: […]

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Silicon Valley Road Trip

A few weeks ago I received a tweet from @frankdenneman if I was interested to join him and a few other guy’s for a short road trip through Silicon Valley to visit a couple of start-ups before attending VMworld San Fransisco. I didn’t have to think long if I wanted to join, but had to […]

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Nutanix .NEXT first day

When I got to the key note this morning, the word was out that there would be some pretty cool announcements be made. And that was the fact. One of the biggest announcements is Acropolis. This is Nutanix own hypervisor platform with there management interface Prism. The hypervisor is based on KVM but is modified to […]

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Nutanix alert not cleared in Prism

When I visit a Nutanix customer, I always check the cluster health and if there are no alerts. One customer had a error that wasn’t acknowledged for more than 45 day’s. And that alert repeated itself every hour resulting in more than 500 critical alerts. After resolving the issue (rebooting the CVM) I wanted to […]

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How to check the Nutanix cluster metadata store

Just a quick note. While upgrading 32 Nutanix nodes for a customer, I wanted to make sure that every node is part of the metadata store. This can be achieved by entering the command: nodetool -h localhost ring Output will look like: nutanix@NTNX-14SX31290007-C-CVM:$ nodetool -h localhost ring Address         Status State   Load            Owns    Token                                                           w7iesrvWOTsU53XPvNTlWCVgub36H9PIJcE3nYDS2rHb4N7XzJEUpGp            […]

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