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Entitling a Desktop or Pool in VMware View

Entitling a Desktop or a Pool in VMware View is pretty muts the same as giving Users the right to access a View Desktop. In the VMware View Administrator, click Desktops and Pools and then click on “Global desktop and pool view“. Under the “Global desktop and pool view” select the Desktop or Pool who […]

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Installing View Composer on vCenter

First some Theory!! With the View Compsor on vCenter your able to create and deploy linked clone desktops. A linked clone desktop are multiple dekstops create from one Baes VM, called the parent. The link is indirect because the first time one or more desktop clones are created, a uniquely identified copy of the parent […]

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VirtualCenter permissions for Vmware View

To use vCenter with View Manager, administrator must have the appropiate permissions in order to carry out certain operations in vCenter. These permissions are granted through a role in vCenter. Here a overview of the permissions: In vCenter go to the Administration Tab and Add a new Role. Let’s give the Role the name “View […]

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Create a Database and DSN for Linked Clone Desktops

In this example where going to create a database instance and DSN for VMware View Composer on the standard database who is created during the installation of vCenter. Add a linked clone desktop database instance to SQL Server 2005 Download and install SQL Server Management Studio Expres from Microsoft. On the vCenter host: Start | […]

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Configuration of a Standard Vmware View Connections Server

In a previous blog, I posted how to install a Standard Vmware View Connection Server. Now it’s time to configure this server. In order to configure this service, you will have to have the following server/services up-and-running: 1 or more ESX 3.0, ESX 3.5 or ESX3.5I (ESX 3.5(i) is recommended) vCenter who runs a AD […]

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