Administrating Groupwise from a NCP share

This has been covered many times, so this is a note for myself.
If you want to use ConsoleOne on your Windows PC and you have Groupwise on a EXT3/ReiserFS partition. You can access the Groupwise database through a NCP share. But to prevent database corruption you have to make the following changes to you Novell Client for Windows.

Recommended settings for the Novell client:
  1. Right-click on red N letter in a right corner of the system tray and select “Novell Client properties …”

    VOLUME MAIL /opt/novell/groupwise/mail Inherit_POSIX_Permissions

  2. Click on Advance settings.
  3. Scroll down and find “File Caching” item -> set it to Off.
  4. Scroll down and find “File Caching on Exclusively opened files” -> set it to Off.
  5. Scroll down and find “File Commit” -> set it to On
  6. If asked, reboot the workstation.

When GroupWise is located on OES Linux server and volumes are NCP aware, then it is advisable to:
  1. type ncpcon inside a terminal window
  2. type set cross_protocol_locks = 1 … this settings enables OES Linux to honor advisory locks across different protocols
  3. edit the ncpserv.conf file located in /etc/opt/novell directory and add similar statement like in following example for each NCP volume:

This is the TID that covers it.

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