Single Sign On Novell Client for VMware View

If you use the Novell on a Widows Virtual Machine that’s going to be used for VMware View, you don’t want your user to login twice.
First for VMware View and after that for the Novell Client. If you only use a Windows Client this is done by VMware View. For Novell we have to make some registry changes.

This is taken from the Novell Client  Documentation pages:

1. Click the Start button, then type regedit.exe in the Start Search field.
2. Press Enter to open the Registry Editor.

3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARENovellLogin, then add the following:

  • Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=TSClientAutoAdminLogon, Data=1
  • Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=DefaultLoginProfile, Data=name of profile to use Typically, the profile policy name is Default.

4. Close the Registry Editor.

In Novell menu:

Advanced Login:
Computer Only Logon Default: Never
Login Windows password synchronisation: Off
Login with Non-Novell Credential Provier: On
Novell Logon: On
Prompt for Novell login during Windows AutoAdminLogon

LDAP Contextless Login:
Enable LDAP Contextless Login: On
Trees: [TREE NAME]
Servers: [SERVER NAME]

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Michael Wilmsen is a experienced VMware Architect with more than 20 years in the IT industry. Main focus is VMware vSphere, Horizon View and Hyper Converged with a deep interest into performance and architecture. Michael is VCDX 210 certified, has been rewarded with the vExpert title from 2011, Nutanix Tech Champion and a Nutanix Platform Professional.

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