OES2 sp1 Public Beta

Last week I blogged about whats new in SP1 for OES2, and now Public Beta4 is available.
At this moment I’m following a TTT (Train The Trainer) N8004 at Novell in Dusseldorf so I can’t upgrade
my test server at home. But next week I will surly do so!

Not for (better) Cifs or AFP support, but now we can use SP2 for SLES10. The advantage of that is that we finally can use VMI support is Vmware ESX. And I know that there are a lot of companies out there who run OES2 virtualized in Vmware ESX!
I’m curious to see if the performance will increase, because now it can be better….

Update 2008-10-16 13:57

So during my course I was looking on coolsolutions and found this article about SP1 for OES2. And till my surprise Novell announced that Domain Services for Windows! This really cool stuff. Now you can give a Active Directory user rights on a NSS volume a visa versa, without making a DIRXML connection!

Other coolstuff are:

  • A new framework for the new migration tools.
    This gives us the ability to migrated a identity of a Netware server to a linux server. The example described is that you have a running  Netware server called SERVER1 and that after the migration you have a running Linux server called SERVER1
  • Ifolder 3.7 with a new Mac client, full support for Windows Vista x32 and x64, a new web interface, improved administration options, new server side migration tools from previous versions of iFolder and a much better way to recover a passphrase for encrypted iFolders.

Of course, all of the new features have to be tested if they work as well as described, but it sounds pretty cool!

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