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Installing VMI Kernel SLES10 SP2

In recent post, I talk about the VMI kernel and how it benefits CPU load. But I never blog how to install this Kernel. So here we go. On the Vmware site you can find a PDF called  VMware_VMI_performance.pdf. This document contains a link to Novell to manually download the VMI kernel because it isn’t […]

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microcode failed to start with VMI kernel

When you install the VMI kernel for SLES10 SP2 the deamon microcode failes to start. No worry, you don’t need this process any more when you have paravirtualization. Just remove the deamon with: insserv -r /etc/init.d/microcode_ctl Below is a grab from the man pages: The microcode_ctl utility is a companion to the IA32 microcode driver […]

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NSS Performance with VMFS and ISCSI

ate I have done some testing with NSS and Vmware ESX. And I must say, I’m quite disappointed about the performance! Exspecially with NSS on VMFS with ISCSI. I had the following setup: One virtual machine with Novell Open Enterprise server 2 on Vmware ESX 3.5 U2. This virtual machine has his VMDK on a […]

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OES2 sp1 Public Beta

Last week I blogged about whats new in SP1 for OES2, and now Public Beta4 is available. At this moment I’m following a TTT (Train The Trainer) N8004 at Novell in Dusseldorf so I can’t upgrade my test server at home. But next week I will surly do so! Not for (better) Cifs or AFP […]

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