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Script to monitor amount of NCP connections

A customer of mine has multiple eDirectory servers. We noticed that the load of the servers various. The problem is that we did not know howmany connections are made to the particular server. So I wrote a simple scipt. If you put this script in /usr/local/bin and put it in your Cron for example of […]

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microcode failed to start with VMI kernel

When you install the VMI kernel for SLES10 SP2 the deamon microcode failes to start. No worry, you don’t need this process any more when you have paravirtualization. Just remove the deamon with: insserv -r /etc/init.d/microcode_ctl Below is a grab from the man pages: The microcode_ctl utility is a companion to the IA32 microcode driver […]

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Bug in Linux driver e1000e can damage Intel NIC’s

Intel reported that in the new test kernel 2.6.27 inclusive rc7 for linux, the driver for the intel cards can damage the hardware of this card. This is for onboard nic’s and for add-on nic’s The bad code of the Intel driver can damage the eeprom for the nic. In this eeprom the MAC address […]

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VMware Workstation 6.5 availible

VMware released VMware workstation 6.5. I have upgrade my OpenSuse 11.0 workstation yesterday. These are the main new features taken from the VMware site: * Enhanced VMware ACE authoring — Use ACE (Assured Computing Environment) features to package and deploy Pocket ACE and desktop virtual machines with encryption, restricted network access, and device control. VMware […]

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