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Yesterday was the 10 time that the was held in Ede the Netherlands. Although the amount of vistors was less than the years before, it’s was a nice day with a lot of interesting sessions. Especially the keynote session from Dirk Schmidt (Novell VP Sales EMEA) and Richard Lindstedt (PM Neutron) where really interesting. […]

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Apache with iPrint won’t start even if CUPS is disabled with VMware Tools

A while ago I wrote a post about that the installation of the VMware tools enable the start of Cups at boot time. The was easy to fix by disabling the start of Cups at boot time with the insserv -r /etc/init.d/cups or chkconfig cups off command. While upgrading a vSphere ESX4.0 to 4.1 site […]

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Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack – Update 2

Somenhow I missed this announcement, but as of 1 december Novell released Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack – Update 2. This update has some new features as well as some bug fixes. You can get the update through the Novell Customer Center or Patch Finder. New Authentication Source: You can now choose to use GroupWise […]

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Export the CA certificate for ZCM

During the installation of ZCM10 you’re asked if you want to use a external CA (Certificate Authority) of a internal CA. If you’re using a internal CA it’s important to backup the CA certificate in case you lose the server who is the CA for your ZCM zone. If you lose your CA all the […]

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Attachmate Acquires Novell

On 22 november 2010 Attachmate annouced the acquire of Novell for 2.2 billion dollars. The planning to split the company in Novell and Suse with there excisting products. What will this mean for us Novell guy’s? Read my previous post about this.

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