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Testdrive Infinio Accelerator 3.0

Nowadays, many legacy storage devices (SAN/NAS) have the option for hosting flash devices in their solution. Flash devices leverage high IOPS and low latency. Most common used storage protocols (iSCSI, NFS and even Fiber Channel) are bandwidth optimized, and are not latency optimized. Of course Fiber Channel (FC) has a lower latency, as Ethernet based […]

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VCSA CLI install error: format requires a mapping

While writing a standard vCenter installation procedure for a customer, I was testing the CLI installation of the Platform Service Controller (PSC) for VMware vCenter 6.5. I really love the CLI installation method, it enables you to perform the same install procedure over and over again. If you want to know how to create a […]

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VMworld 2017 US Recap

This year, I was rewarded with a blogger pass for VMworld. In this blogpost I want to highlight, what was striking to me. Solutions exchange Every year I like to walk around the Solution Exchange, talking with vendors and learning about their solutions. What was surprising to me this year, was the size and the […]

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VMworld US 2017

VMworld US is in a few weeks. This year I have been lucky to get a blogger pass from VMware. Every year I go to Barcelona, and if I can, also to VMworld US. For me VMworld US is more interesting. Why? One of the main reason why go to VMworld, is the Solution Exchange […]

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CLI install VMware vCenter server 6.5

Almost on every project I have worked on, I make an kickstart script for installing VMware ESXi. Although at first, it seems a lot of work. Using a kickstart script for installing VMware ESXi has many advantages: Every host is installed consistent. Elimination of human installations errors. Install script can be used as documentation. In […]

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