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Silicon Valley Road Trip

A few weeks ago I received a tweet from @frankdenneman if I was interested to join him and a few other guy’s for a short road trip through Silicon Valley to visit a couple of start-ups before attending VMworld San Fransisco. I didn’t have to think long if I wanted to join, but had to […]

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New Book – vSphere Virtual Machine Management

A virtual machine (VM) is a software implementation of a machine (a computer) that executes programs like a physical machine. vSphere has clusters of virtual machines that are all interconnected. Virtualization changes everything. Virtual machines have far more functionality than physical servers and are capable of incredible things. Virtual machines should not be treated and […]

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New website

After 5 year of blogging on it’s time to move another website name and URL. As of now the primary URL of my blog will be The content of my ‘old’ blog is still available through the old URL, but you will be redirected to the new URL. I also made some minor […]

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If you wonder why I haven’t post anything for the last few weeks…. this is because I’m on a holiday to the south of the USA. So check back in a few weeks!

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Change duplex setting on vSphere Service Console

During a training a student accidentally changed the duplex setting of the vmnic for the service console to fixed 1000Mbit full duplex. This isn’t so bad, if the vmnic wasn’t on a 100Mbit switch! So I had to go to the service console to change the duplex setting back to auto. I expected to use […]

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It took a while but inspirited by a girlfriend Maggie van Kempen I registered for a Twitter account. I plan to use my Twitter not to let you all know if I go to the toilet or something like that, but just to announce new interesting blog articles written by me. So if you like […]

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Configuring a SLES DHCP failover

In most networks DHCP is one of the single-point-of-failures. If DHCP failes, every devices relying on DHCP cannot function. In order to¬† provide a high availability to your DHCP server, set up a backup DHCP server running the same Linux distribution and version, as follows: Stop DHCP on both DHCP servers (rcdhcpd stop). On your […]

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Move ZCM10 embedded Sybase database to a external server

I wanted to move a embedded Sybase database of a existing ZCM10 installation¬† to a external (SLES11) server for better performance. In this example I’m assuming you have already installed a SLES11 server. Step 1 Installing the Sybase database server Mount the iso file in (for example) /mnt/iso by giving the command mount -o loop […]

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Install/Disk1/InstData/Linux/VM/install.bin: Input/output error

Just a quick note for all you guy’s who get this error. I was trying to install ZCM10.3 on a SLES11 server when I got the error: Install/Disk1/InstData/Linux/VM/install.bin: Input/output error I didn’t know if this was a error from a bad download or that I tried to install ZCM10.3 on a SLES11 machine. After a […]

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Yesterday I was at the Novell Congres in Ede the Netherlands. And I must say it was really nice day with a lot of interesting session. In the morning I followed a session from Ron van Herk about ZENworks Configuration Management 11. A few things about this session were very intresting: The interface of ZCM11 […]

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