How to check the Nutanix cluster metadata store

Just a quick note.

While upgrading 32 Nutanix nodes for a customer, I wanted to make sure that every node is part of the metadata store.

This can be achieved by entering the command:

nodetool -h localhost ring

Output will look like:

nutanix@NTNX-14SX31290007-C-CVM:$ nodetool -h localhost ring
Address         Status State   Load            Owns    Token
                                                          w7iesrvWOTsU53XPvNTlWCVgub36H9PIJcE3nYDS2rHb4N7XzJEUpGp            lSYYc     Up     Normal     1.99 MB         7.18%   0ZbVFDk5VFoTcX78ofInvdnKw0uwRcxGqQsWrwEqmAFERi9ylGNkW86            9cgAe     Up     Normal     3.32 MB         11.31%  7aP5UmSTUO2pKO0I6AoPOit7jPzFGXlrDPYvimtqqT3qYI5el9ZXHUx            EdZZf     Up     Normal     3.42 MB         6.38%   BXeWgqIKH85IUcIITh1fjgcoYcv1EzVO15vjlxqPKFCUbHEqRhXMLCw            h9xy7     Up     Normal     3.16 MB         7.14%   FxyoAoJjF94Yd548AgmY8sXaoLtw5YRyF6dpDTbnXLzOCThcxzM9JrG            md2wa     Up     Normal     2.51 MB         5.83%   JaB5mJO5Q7DtPoHbPJd7QFRop57CY3dw3V0LwuJk58EnRPDxmRBr6FM            HLN3R     Up     Normal     1.52 MB         6.40%   NYI0KclyR6E8A6Yuok88lWE0yyzBil7vYe6dNrJfaB9iYem7X1D0sHJ            p2oyZ     Up     Normal     1.36 MB         6.28%   RRnlFLPALjpn3sCsA7qaMq7Msf8BEEpds0uSokeYLtlYYrb9gBr3mUw            LVcBS     Up     Normal     1.56 MB         6.81%   VfPTSjlJyU6ZFogXfaHlFKBwScidSEs61CLtW51mMb2SCOcTZauL7lc            xXrzE     Up     Normal     1.32 MB         3.85%   Y3SsPwG3mIRdzZVeED7hKZoCkH32NbDuPqBSH9moN6vtwvD8OGrFR3o            vNXyi     Up     Normal     2.31 MB         7.43%   cewHQfBTGVNdNy1BSABrh3DrI7XmbBLtF1EcvZ248cNygdiyAeYv0rk            SapAL     Up     Normal     2.82 MB         6.36%   gbLIMnJplxOXX4Jbk4jNxXnMo8njhxcrj6RFsMtZ5hQ7ha6hjT2wsi5            7lsrn     Up     Normal     3.16 MB         6.06%   kMR8DmhH2i1YuRgL746IOOXlsv5hitFUHjLO78K1dAlnPBcLdeXKjjX            h2EVF     Up     Normal     2.74 MB         6.24%   oEEJaKrjE1ukEkzB6n6fOVUyNK3P8qLkoFyHqrTzXItNBtNS1fxYBv8            DvmjW     Up     Normal     1.71 MB         6.70%   sNu0haLD0Zmb3JjtUFkk0Iffuqf0EwspDDbfVD4bDtiHCCarjVF18nY            1zBea     Up     Normal     1.8 MB          6.03%   w7iesrvWOTsU53XPvNTlWCVgub36H9PIJcE3nYDS2rHb4N7XzJEUpGp            lSYYc

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