Installing View Composer on vCenter

First some Theory!!

With the View Compsor on vCenter your able to create and deploy linked clone desktops.

A linked clone desktop are multiple dekstops create from one Baes VM, called the parent. The link is indirect because the first time one or more desktop clones are created, a uniquely identified copy of the parent VM (called a Replica) is created. All desktop clones are anchored directly to the replica and not to the parent VM.

The parent can be updated or replaced withoud directly affecting the linked clone desktops. You the parent can be Viewed a standonle VM.

Here a illistration of the relationships taken of the View Manager Administartion Guide.


Because all linked clone desktops are connected to the one base image, you can centrilize your management on this desktop while maintaining a seamless user experience.
You can perform the following task:

  • resetting a system to default
  • balancing storage
  • install software
  • applying service packs

View Manager administrators can simultaneously update (or change) the operating systems of al linked clone desktops, install or update client applications, or modify the desktop hardare settings byr carrying out the activities on the Parent VM and then anchoring the linked clones to a new snapshot of this configuration. This action is called Desktop Recompositon.
A Desktop Refresh is returning the operating system data of each linked clone to its original state.

The initial disk usage of a linked clone virtual machine is far lower than that of a full clone because the operating system and client applications are derived from a Parent VM. This is accomplished through the use of delta disks and thin provisioning.

Every new desktop created in a standard (non-linked clone) automated pool is a duplicate of a base template. Therefore each clone uses as must disk space as its base template.

View Composer gratly reduces the physical storage overhead of linked clone desktop pools through use of delta disks. The disks growth deplends on factors such as workload, power-off policy pool type etc.
In the delta disk data is stored of the difference between its own operating system and the operating system of the Parent VM.

And now the installation of vCenter

  1. Run the View Composer service installation program, where is xxx is the build number of the executable file: VMware-viewcomposer-xxx.exe
    Note: If not detected Microsoft .NET 3.0 will be installed
  2. Accept the file agreement and click Next.
  3. Accept or change the destination folder path and click Next.
  4. Enter the name of the ODBC Data Source you have create and the username and password for this database.
  5. Accept the default SOAP port and click Next.
  6. Click install

Next where going to prepare a Parent VM. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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