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Prepare a guest system for Vmware View

In orde to prepare a guest system for Vmware View you will have to: Install the latest VMware Tools. Network settings (proxy, etc) are properly configured and that the guest system is attached to a domain. View Manager Agent is installed. (this can be done through standard deployment methods like SMS, Zenworks) To install the […]

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Entitling a Desktop or Pool in VMware View

Entitling a Desktop or a Pool in VMware View is pretty muts the same as giving Users the right to access a View Desktop. In the VMware View Administrator, click Desktops and Pools and then click on “Global desktop and pool view“. Under the “Global desktop and pool view” select the Desktop or Pool who […]

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Prepare a Parent Virtual Machine

In this post where going to prepare a Windows XP SP2 Virtual Machine for a linked clone deplyment for VMware View. First you have to install the VMware agent in the Guest OS. Second make sure that the Virtual Machine: is joined the Active Directory domain in which you want linked clone desktops to reside. […]

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Group policy rights for VMWare View

If you want to allow users to connect to a VMware View Desktop you will have to give the users the rights through Grouppolicies to login interactivly. Otherwise you will get a error like: “local policy does not allow you to login interactively” Edit the Grouppolicy for you OU in MMC and goto: Computer Configuration […]

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