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Virtual Desktop Deployment Vmware View

We can use multiple desktop sources to deploy Virtual Desktops through Vmware View. This can be: A Virtual Machine that is managed through vCenter. You can only use vCenter servers that are known to the View Manager server. Fat Clients (physical PCs) Thin Clients Terminal Servers Blade PCs The delivery methods for the are: Individual […]

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Prepare a guest system for Vmware View

In orde to prepare a guest system for Vmware View you will have to: Install the latest VMware Tools. Network settings (proxy, etc) are properly configured and that the guest system is attached to a domain. View Manager Agent is installed. (this can be done through standard deployment methods like SMS, Zenworks) To install the […]

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Deploying an Individual Desktop

An Individual Desktop is great for users who require a singel unique dedicated desktop or for hosting a costly application with single host license that needs to be accessed by multiple users at a different time. Users how are entitled to this type of desktop always access this desktop each time the connect. In order […]

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Create a Database and DSN for Linked Clone Desktops

In this example where going to create a database instance and DSN for VMware View Composer on the standard database who is created during the installation of vCenter. Add a linked clone desktop database instance to SQL Server 2005 Download and install SQL Server Management Studio Expres from Microsoft. On the vCenter host: Start | […]

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Backup Vmware View LDAP repository

If you want to backup the Vmware View LDAP repository from a standard or replica server you will have to export the LDAP data to a ldif file. To do so start the util vdmexport.exe (c:Program FilesVMware ManagerServerbinvdmexport.exe) You will get a prompt like: vmdexport> Execute the command “vdmconfig.ldif” to export the LDAP data to […]

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