The host bus adapter is not associated with a vmknic. To configure targets the adapter should be associated with a vmknic. Refer to the VMware documentation to associate the adapter with a vmknic.

This warning indicated that you probably have Broadcom NIC in your ESX host with TOE and you haven’t assigned a vmknic to the iSCSI vmhba.

To assign a vmnic to a vmhba do the following:

  • Go to the COS of you ESX host. If you’re using ESXi you may have to enable Remote Tech Support
  • Check the assigned vmknic to the vmhba by entering: esxcli swiscsi vmnic list -d vmhba32
  • Now check the current availible vmknic where a vmk port is assigned: esxcfg-vmknic -l
  • Bind the vmknic to the vmhba: esxcli swiscsi nic add -n vmk0 -d vmhba32
  • Verify if the binding is all right: esxcli swiscsi vmnic list -d vmhba32

Now switch to your vSphere client and click on refresh by Storage Adapters. Now you will be able to add a iSCSI target.

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Michael Wilmsen is a VMware training/consultant (no specific order) with more than 15 years in the IT industry. Main focus is VMware vSphere, Horizon View and Site Recovery Manager with a deepdive to performance. Michael is VCDX 210, VCAP 4/5 certified, has been rewarded with the vExpert title from 2011, is a PernixPro, Nutanix Tech Champion and a Nutanix Platform Professional.

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