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Hyper converged vs. traditional SAN/NAS?

The Hyper converged market is booming. Vendors like Nutanix, Simplivity or VMware with there VSAN are almost on every event spreading the word. But is Hyper converged the solution to everything? As always the answer to this question is: It depends. Let me start by explaining the basics of a hyper converged system. Hyper converged […]

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Most simple web server ever!

When I install VMware vSphere on a server, I always (oke 9 out of 10 times) use a scripted install. A scripted installation has a couple of advantages over a manual installation like: Every host is installed with the same configuration, limiting the possibilities of a misconfiguration by a administrator (even after a year). The […]

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Multiple 1G or 10G in your data center?

The last couple of weeks I had the same discussion with a 3 different customers: Are we going to use multiple 1G (in a LACP or not) connections to the core switch of 2 10G connections? When designing a VMware vSphere environment including a storage design, this is one of the first questions that pop-up. […]

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1 Month after VMworld: What did it brought me?

It has been more than a month ago since I went to VMworld in Barcelona. You see many blog post about new startups, technology and interesting session. I think that VMworld is more than only the (great) technology stuff you can hear about. Eventually you can download almost all the sessions afterwards. I think the […]

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VMworld 2014 Europe

This year I’m lucky to have a Bloggers pass for VMworld in Europe. For me this is the 6th time that I will attend VMworld. And as every year I’m really looking forward to go. Not only for the technical sessions, but also for all the good friends I made over the last few years […]

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Designing a VMware 5.5 management cluster

In the past we had our vCenter server on his own physical machine. Later we moved vCenter to a virtual machine on the same cluster were all other virtual machine live. As we get more, bigger and more VMware techniques in our VMware environments, the need for a separate vSphere cluster for VMware services is […]

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View Composer error due to failure Windows activation

I’ve been playing around with VMware View in my lab environment testing different scenarios with the View Composer. Today I noticed that a deployment with linked clones failed with the following error: View Composer agent initialization state error (16): Failed to activate the software license (waited 0 seconds) When I looked into the log files […]

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vExpert 2014

    I’m honored to announce that this year for the 4th time I’m awarded with the vExpert 2014 title. vExpert is title who you can ear for a year if you have demonstrated significant contribution to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. I’ve got mine for my grey VMware […]

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My first thoughts on Nutanix

Currently I’m working on a project designing a 3000 VMware Horizon View environment for a local government in the west of the Netherlands. When I started this job the hardware was already purchased by the project manager. Not the correct way (according to Prince2) but it’s a fact a have to deal with. Honestly I […]

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Setting up a central syslog server for VMware vSphere

Currently I’m working on a project that involves multiple vCenter servers and vSphere servers on multiple sites. When you install ESXi on a SD card you get a warning on you ESXi host that log file are stored on non-persistent storage. You can either store the logfiles on local storage or and a syslog server. […]

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